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PalVid is the first Video Conferencing application that is designed to address the specific needs of Law Enforcement and Judges for a software-based video conferencing solution. PalVid is a VOIP (Voice over IP) application which uses the latest advances in Video conferencing and compression technology to provide HD audio/video, in a fraction of cost in comparison with Hardware-based video conferencing solutions. The application can run on any Windows PC, Laptop or Android device to connect to remote video locations. Law Enforcement can use PalVid to obtain Arrest and Search Warrant from Judges from a patrol car, Mobile command unit, establish communication link over the video with command staff or simply utilize it as a remote interview tool. In addition, designated users have the option of recording the video and audio sessions to save the input as a file and play it back at a later time.


PalVid is capable of establishing multi user sessions with total of 4 additional remote stations in a video call. In addition designated users have the option of recording the video and audio sessions and save the input as an AVI file and play back at later time.

System Components:

Built on SIP and open standards, PalVid is interoperable with many of the industry’s standard platforms and devices and requires SIP server for user authentication and establishing communication. Sip server can run on a Windows server or Linux server.


  1. High Definition video: View, send and receive video in high-resolution HD (1280x720p) video
  2. High Definition audio: Make audio call in HD audio, support G.722.1, AMR-WB, SPEEX-WB codecs
  3. Support G.729 codec
  4. Conferencing: Support maximum 5 video conferencing
  5. IM: Support presence and IM in SIMPLE protocol
  6. QoS: Allows set the DSCP value to support Quality of Service
  7. Security: Offering signaling and media encryption via TLS and SRTP


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