EWI (Electronic Warrant Interchange)

Electronic Bench Warrant with EWI

Since its debut in 1999, EWI (Electronic Warrant Interchange) has been the recognized leader in Ewarrant and warrant management solutions by enabling remote collaboration between courts and law enforcement. EWI Ewarrant system offers a streamlined process to effectively manage the warrant progression from start to finish with all parties able to access documents in real-time while communicating through a secure video conferencing session. With no physical contact between the court staff and law enforcement, the system provides a safer work environment during the time of pandemics. With the EWI, the days of faxing or emailing warrant documents are over, and warrants are now issued in a matter of minutes using a truly collaborative environment. EWI Ewarrant offers optional modules for the Probation and Bench warrants to empower the probation officers to obtain warrants remotely, and judges to issue Bench warrants from the comfort of their remote locations. These modules also include a visual management console to access the warrant information based on the users’ access level for monitoring the movement of the designated data and documents between the various departments and agencies through the warrant process , with built-in email and text notifications. The EWI is the current Classic version of the Palatine Ewarrant system with a higher emphasis on the clerical aspect of Warrant management in the court with a goal of simplifying the daily task of the issuance and service of warrants. Our EWI product, aka Video Warrant was voted the 1999 Product of the Year by the Georgia Console of Court Administrators, due to its highly convenient and quick processing time. This system is fully capable of integrating with the most popular RMS and CMS systems in the market.

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