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video conference court hearing

Video Conference Court Hearing with PalVid Court

PalVid Court is a great, high-quality,secure cloud-based video conferencing service offered by palatine virtual court service and designed to provide a high-quality video conferencing with HD video and audio quality for court hearing applications such as CDCS (Court Document Collaboration system). This application can be used for First appearance, Frist arraignment, or any procedures that are allowed by the state courts where the hearing is conducted.  It is specially designed to work with up to 300 participants in a multipoint conference over LAN or VPN networks. PalVid court requires no hardware and includes client applications for all popular platforms. PalVid eCourt system utilizes SVC technology based on the VP8 video codec, which guarantees the best possible video quality on every device and channel. PalVid eCourt system has built-in AEC (acoustic echo cancellation), AGC (automatic gain control), and noise cancellation algorithms, which provide great wide-band audio quality for all participants. PalVid ecourt is compatible with popular USB Webcams and wide-angel cameras.

To facilitate the inmates’ family access to detention centers and court hearings,  Palatine Technology now offers Web broadcasting and live streaming of the virtual court hearing sessions to the inmate family, to view the hearing remotely from any mobile devices or computers.


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