Court Documents Collaboration System (CDCS)

Court Documents Collaboration System (CDCS): By utilizing the state of the art software and specialized video conferencing system and electronic signature Palatine Technology Group provides an easy way for judges to perform first hearing and first arraignment from their office or chambers without the need to travel to a detention center at a fraction of the cost of traditional video conferencing systems in the market. This also eliminates the need to transport the prisoner hence eliminating the risks associated with this transaction and dramatically reduces the possibility of escape and the need for increased court security and time required for above-mentioned processes. The process allows all parties such as defense attorneys, inmates, prosecutors and Judges to participate in collaborative environment and sign and print required forms and documents in their respective location. The hearings can be electronically recorded and kept for indefinite period of time. Although this product is part of EWI suite and it is fully integrated with EWI and case management it also integrate with other court and Jail management systems in the market.