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E-Warrant Management System Applicaton

anywhereWARRANT was created to meet the needs of mobile users to create any Ewarrant such as Arrest or Search warrant, including a blood search warrant from any place. The anywhereWARRANT™ solution is entirely a virtual warrant system, including browser embedded secure video conference. The software also allows law enforcement to contact judiciaries while still in the field,  from any workstation or tablet using the internet. With two-factor authentication and additional security measures, the system ensures that the only authorized parties can gain access to the information from authorized devices. The entire E-warrant procedure, including the creation of application and warrant issuance and service of the warrant, is completed using the virtual Warrant system process offered by Palatine Technology.  Also, the system includes an advanced tracking module to follow the various stage of the E-warrant process, which can be accessed using a mobile device.


This E-warrant system also allows printing the necessary documents at respective locations. Copies of the warrants are forwarded to predesignated locations upon the issuance of the warrant, making it extremely efficient.  With this virtual warrant system, the boundary of time and distance has been removed from the cumbersome process of obtaining and issuing a warrant. The anywhereWARRANT™ virtual warrant system is capable of integrating with the most popular CMS and RMS systems in the market.

Safety and confidentiality of your information are guaranteed with the highest security protocols used in the industry. With anywhereWARRANT™ E-warrant,  your data is stored in a secured central location either in your data center or in a secure cloud location that allows easy access to the information by authorized personnel from pre-certified and registered hardware devices.

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